Order NSF Certified 2-Hole Commercial Freezer Lids: The SLRS 100 from Troy Hills Manufacturing

SLRS 100

Fits Cabinets:

Standard single or rectangular opening 10-3/8” x 21-3/8” or larger.   Fits most models later than 1955.

*Not to scale

Order NSF Certified 2-hole rectangular commercial freezer lids from Troy Hills Manufacturing. Our SLRS 100 freezer lids provide excellent insulation for freezers with opening sizes of 10-3/8” x 21-3/8” and larger. These commercial freezer lids work with standard single or rectangular openings. Our SLRS 100 stainless steel and rubber freezer lids have earned and maintained an NSF Certification. This certification provides proof that they are designed to keep your customers safe. That are also designed to be installed seamlessly and provide an easy means for accessing the products in your freezer.

Troy Hills Manufacturing has been in business for decades, which gives our team an extensive knowledge on the sorts of push carts, cabinets, and commercial freezers are on the market. This has helped our team design these SLRS 100 2-hole commercial freezer lids to work with equipment built after 1955. Although are freezer lids include the best in modern insulation technology, the equipment they are compatible with can be from decades past as well or modern years. If you want to confirm whether our SLRS 100 commercial freezer lids will work as intended with your freezer, cabinet, or cart, you can contact us today. If you know the our size will match up or if you have used our lids in the past, you can order online now.

Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch

"Here are some pics of the carts we used for the Surf Ranch Pro to sell merch in.

Thank you so much for all your help on these!"

-Phil Roberto