For over 60 years, our products have kept your food cold (or hot) and have always been made in the USA!

4 Hole Size Lid

DLRS-200 & DLRS-202  4 Hole square openings that, like all of our lids, are guaranteed not to leak!

2 Hole Size Lid

SLRS-100, SLRS-110 & SLRS-111  2 Hole rectangular openings fit almost every model since 1955

4 Hole Size Collar

Three Sizes:  Universal, Kelvinator, and Frigidaire with the highest quality workmanship!    No unsanitary smudging or color rub-off.

2 Hole Size Collar

Three sizes: Universal, Kelvinator and Frigidaire.  No unsanitary smudging or color rub-off. In many cases, it can slip over an existing collar!

Our products fit most ice cream cabinets, freezers, pushcarts and soda fountains manufactured after 1955.   We have rubber-stainless models, which are NSF listed, and provide maximum insulation for your freezer. We also manufacture transparent acrylic lids that allow greater visibility of the product in your freezer.

Troy Hills Manufacturing Rubber & Stainless (xxRS) lids are

NSF Certified*


Millions of people take the safety of their food, water and consumer products for granted on a daily basis. Why? Because of three letters: NSF. NSF certification is your key to making sure that the products you use meet strict standards for public health protection.

Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn our certification.

Most importantly, NSF certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions to protect you, including product recall, public notification or de-certification.

Products that earn NSF certification are said to be “NSF certified” or “NSF listed” and display the applicable NSF certification mark to show that they have been tested by one of today’s most respected independent product testing organizations.

*Models: DLRS-200, DLRS-202, SLRS-100, SLRS-110, SLRS-111