Freezer Door Replacement Lids for Nelson, Ojeda, Masterbuilt, and More

Troy Hills Manufacturing offers NSF-certified rubber and stainless steel freezer door replacement lids for globally recognized freezer manufacturers. A certification from the National Sanitation Foundation guarantees that all freezer door replacement lids meet the organization’s public health and safety standards. We also manufacture premium transparent freezer door replacement lids in 21-¼” square sizes and 2-hole rectangular designs with varying lengths.

With a diverse set of available options, Troy Hills Manufacturing helps prevent the need to purchase a completely new unit when a seal degrades, hinges break, or other defects are present. Replacement lids fit most ice cream cabinets, freezers, pushcarts, and soda fountains manufactured after 1955 for the reputable brands below. If you are unsure about which product best fits your existing equipment or do not see a particular brand listed below, please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Hussman Freezer Lids

Hussman brand freezers and cabinets are globally recognized for quality and craftsmanship. Replacement lids for these products can be expensive when purchased from the original manufacturer and Troy Hills offers DLRS 202 21-⅝” 4-square hole replacement lids at a reduced cost with expedited lead times on delivery.

Ojeda Freezer Lids

Ojeda freezer and refrigeration units have quickly grown in popularity since the opening of Ojeda USA in 2005. Troy Hills DLRS-200 and DLRS-100 freezer replacement lids are the most commonly purchased products for units manufactured by Ojeda.

Nelson Freezer Lids

Originally founded in 1898, C. Nelson Manufacturing Company produces dessert push carts, dipping cabinets, chest freezers, and truck freezers. Troy Hill replacement freezer lids like the DLRS 200 (21-¼” x 21-¼”:) and the Transparent Lid DL 200 (21-¼” x 21-¼”) are specially designed to fit on Nelson cabinets with other products available.

Masterbuilt Freezer Lids

Troy Hills freezer door replacement lids fit Masterbuilt cabinets, ice cream dipping cabinets, and display freezers. Offerings include the Transparent Lid DL 200 (21-¼” x 21-¼”) 4-hole square replacement lid and DLRS 200 (21-¼” x 21-¼”) 4-hole square replacement lid.


Rubber Stainless DLRS 202 (21-⅝” x 21-⅝”) 4-hole Square freezer replacement lids fit Kelvinator ice cream or gelato dipping cabinets with other models and sizes available to match supplemental Kelvinator products like chest freezers.


Troy Hills Rubber Stainless DLRS 202 (21-⅝” x 21-⅝”) 4-hole Square replacement lids fit most Mohawk ice cream cabinets or chest freezers manufactured after 1955.

Universal Replacement Freezer Lids

Replacement lids for Universal brand chest freezers and cabinets fit a rubber stainless DLRS 202 (21-⅝” x 21-⅝”) in the 4-hole square designs.