Order 4-Hole DLRS 202 NSF Certified Commercial Freezer Lids from Troy Hills Manufacturing

DLRS 202

Fits Cabinets:

4-Hole Square, Kelvinator, Hussman, Mohawk, Universal.  Fits Hole Size 21-5/8″ x 21-5/8″

*Not to scale

DLRS 202 commercial freezer lids from Troy Hills Manufacturing are designed for easy installation, simple use, and built to provide reliable insulation. Our DLRS 202 freezer lids have a 4-hole square design and are made of durable stainless steel and rubber to provide exceptional insulation. These lids will fit holes sized 21-5/8” x 21-5/8”. In addition to providing insulation and an easy means of getting to your products, our lids offer safety. DLRS 202 commercial freezer lids from Troy Hills Manufacturing are NSF Certified. This NSF Certification represents the gold standard in public safety. Our company works hard to maintain this certification for our DLRS 202 freezer lids to help you keep your customers safe, healthy, and happy.

If your business uses freezer cabinets from brands like Hussman, Kelvinator, Mohawk, or Universal our DLRS 202 commercial freezer lids will prove ideal. At Troy Hills Manufacturing, we have make these lids to knowing that ease of use and durability are key to our customers. If you want to protect your perishable goods, keep food cold, and please consumers, then order DLRS 202 4-hole square freezer lids today. We make ordering online easy and get freezer lids delivered promptly. Place your order today and use our lids to provide your commercial freezer, cabinet, or pushcart with maximum insulation.

Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch

"Here are some pics of the carts we used for the Surf Ranch Pro to sell merch in.

Thank you so much for all your help on these!"

-Phil Roberto