Troy Hills Manufacturing, Inc.

Troy Hills has been manufacturing freezer cabinet lids and collars for over 50 years.  Our lids and collars have always been manufactured in the USA.     

 Our products fit most ice cream cabinets, freezers, push carts and soda fountains manufactured after 1955.   We have rubber-stainless models, which are NSF listed, and provide maximum insulation for your freezer. We also manufacture transparent acrylic lids that allow greater visibility of the product in your freezer.


                   4 Hole Size Lid                             2 Hole Size Lid                        4 Hole Size Collar                    2 Hole Size Collar

Please give us a call if you have any questions about the size lid or collar that you need for your application.  On some of our product, the lid model number is molded into the back side of the lid, just below the hinge.  

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Over 55% of the electricity used in our operation is renewable energy produced by solar panels.  Click below to see our solar generation!  This eliminates the production of over 33,600 pounds of CO2 every year!  

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